Sold: December 11, 2018 for $146.00

Head Count: 90 Steers                                                                                             

Base Weight: 650 lbs. Stop Weight 700 lbs.

Slide: $.08 up only

Color/Breed: 90% Blk/Bwf – 7% Char X – 3% Red/Rwf

Origin: Put together

Location: Snead, AL

Variance: Fairly Even

Horns: None                                                                                          

Vaccinations: Bovi-shield Gold 5 (2X) – one shot - Blackleg

Implant: No

Wormed: Cydectin                                                                                      

Feed: Pasture – 5 lbs. Custom grow ration

Frame: Large - Few medium

Flesh: Medium

Precondition: Yes

Weaned: Yearlings

Weigh Up: Catch early, sort, load on buyers truck, go 5 miles, weigh on truck with 2% shrink.

Delivery Date: December 13, 14 or 15 (Thursday, Friday or Saturday)                       

Comments: Good set of Northern steers that have not been pushed. Light end sorted out of 90 steers. All knife cut.

Check weighed on December 7th. Stop weight 700 lbs.