Sold: April 16, 2019 for $136.25

Head Count: 65 Steers                                                                                             

Base Weight: 860 lbs. Stop Weight 910 lbs.

Slide: $.08 up only

Color/Breed: 90% Blk/Bwf – 5% Char X – 5% Red/Rwf

Origin: Put together

Location: Altoona, AL

Variance: Fairly Even

Horns: 2 with 2” horns tipped                                                                                          

Vaccinations: Bovi-shield Gold 5 (2X) – one shot - Blackleg

Implant: No

Wormed: Long Range                                                                                   

Feed: Pasture – 6 lbs. Performance Feed

Frame: Large - Few medium

Flesh: Medium

Precondition: Yes

Weaned: Yearlings

Weigh Up: Load on goosenecks, go 28 miles, weigh on ground at Arab Livestock Market with 2% shrink.

Delivery Date: April 19 or 20 (Friday or Saturday)

Comments: Good set of steers that have not been pushed. Can go North. Light end sorted out of 65 steers. Check weighed on April 11th. Stop weight 910 lbs. Load weighed at Arab Livestock Market.